AP United States Government
Unit 1-Foundations of American Democracy

Unit 1-Foundations of American Democracy

More than 200 years after the U.S. Constitution was ratified, the compromises that were necessary for ratification—which in some instances led to ambiguity—continue to fuel debate and discussion over how best to protect liberty, equality, order, and private property. This first unit sets the foundation for the course by examining how the framers of the Constitution set up a structure of government intended to stand the test of time. Compromises were made during the Constitutional Convention and ratification debates, and these compromises focused on the proper balance between individual freedom, social order, and equality of opportunity. In subsequent units, students will apply their understanding of the Constitution to the institutions of government and people’s daily lives.

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Court Cases
McCulloch v Maryland
United States v Lopez

Declaration of Independence
Federalist #10
Brutus #1
Articles of Confederation
US Constitution
Federalist #51