AP United States Government
Unit 2-Interactions Among Branches of Government

Unit 2-Interactions Among Branches of Government

In this unit, students continue to explore policy making, focusing on its complexity and the idea that it is a process involving multiple governmental institutions and actors. Students will look at issues or policies from several different perspectives and then apply their knowledge to better understand the complexity of the policy-making process.

The Constitution grants specific powers to Congress, the presidency, and the courts,
each of which exercises informal powers (developed through political practice, tradition,
and legislation). Because power is widely distributed, and checks prevent one branch from overreaching or usurping powers from the others, institutional actors are in the position where they must both compete and cooperate in order to govern.

Unit 2 Study Guide
Unit 2 Exam Review

Textbook Chapters
Chapter 11 – Congress
Chapter 12 – The Presidency
Chapter 14 – The Federal Bureaucracy
Chapter 15 – The Federal Courts

Court Cases
Baker v Carr
Reno v Shaw
Marbury v Madison

US Constitution
Federalist #70
Federalist #78